COLE over the NorthEast, April 2007

Led by their Mackem member Dave Taggart with the rank and file taking the ferry to Hull, while the two singers comfortably flew in from Brighton and Hamburg respectivly.

The natives treated them very well. Especially after learning that even their continental guests excrete the same fluids as themselves. COLE was actually invited by the native British Broadcasting Corperation to state their business and play a few tracks. Fed on copious amounts of brown ale and sticky toffee pudding pronounced in error as stiffytoffeepuddings ,much to the amusement of bystanders.

After three shows, COLE went home again, sad to say good bye. But they promised to be back .......


LonleyDrummerOnTheFaiground LonleyDrummerOnTheFaiground Thumb_Tynemouth Thumb_FloatsamNorthEast Thumb_KiahSteppesOnCoast.jpg LonleyDrummerOnTheFaiground LonleyDrummerOnTheFaiground